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Desert Honey
1 quart
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Desert Honey
1 Pint
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Desert Honey
12 oz Honey Bear
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Desert Honey
1 Gallon
Price: $100.00
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Pahrump Honey Co.  is focused on providing high-quality Apiary products . Our Desert Honey comes directly from the Bee hive to you with only one stop at the filter station and then into the bottles and jars for your personal use.  Our Pure Honey is never over-heated nor is anything added or taken away.  Raw Honey sometimes takes on a different color, taste or texture due to the location of hives or the time of collection of the pollens and nectar by the bees.  The dark color is from the minerals in the nectar collected by the Bee.  Usually the darker the honey the more nutritional value it contains. We don't go into the history of Honey nor do we ramble on about the positive attributes of Raw Honey.  Google has thousands of sites about Honey and how good it is for you so we assume you already know the basics and are looking for a terrific source of Raw Desert Honey.
Raw Honey and Bee Pollen are considered by many people to be the only perfect foods on the planet.  As a food for Human consumption, bee pollen is unsurpassed.  Not only is it a nutrient powerhouse, it's glucoside content helps to transport these nutrients into the bloodstream for rapid bioavailability. A person can live indefinitely on a diet of Raw Bee Pollen and water alone.
Any, and every, home emergency kit should contain at least a weeks supply of Bee Pollen.  Kept in the freezer, Pollen will last for many years.  During an emergency simply remove the Pollen from the freezer and take it with you. 
Any person requiring mega doses of energy at a given time, like rock climbers, hikers or bicyclists, should consume at least a tablespoon or two of Bee Pollen before venturing into the challenge.  Unlike a sugar high, Bee Pollen continues to provide long lasting energy.  Bee Pollen effects each person differently so follow the directions, start slowly and build up to the dosage suitable to you.
Many people who suffer from air borne allergies and hay fever may safely take Bee Pollen.  Developing an actual "immunity" against allergies is exactly what many experts believe Bee Pollen can accomplish.  When we encounter an allergen, our immune systems produces histamine, which cause an inflammatory response--itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, heavy breathing and sneezing.  Bee Pollen supplementation can inhibit these responses thereby decreasing the miserable symptoms caused by allergies. Bee Pollen contains "Quercetin" which inhibits the production and release of histamine.  
In one study that administrated Bee Pollen orally:
     * 73% of hay fever patients averaged a 75% reductiion of symptoms,
     * 78% of allergy patients averaged a 75% reduction of symptoms,
     * 33% of asthma patients experienced improvement.
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