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To order any of our products please go back to the "Home Page".  Shipping depends on weight but to any address in Clark County is $6.95 per item which includes postage and handling.

Raw Wildflower Honey

Our Honey is gathered from the Deserts, Valleys and Alfalfa  Fields of the American Southwest more commonly called the Great Basin Desert.  Once taken from the hive the honey is strained to remove any foreign matter then poured into the jars and containers, sealed and offered to you as Raw Desert Honey. Our Honey is never boiled, nothing is added, nothing taken out.  The Bee Pollens, Propolis, some Bee's wax are clearly visible at the top of the container as the Bee products raise to the top of the jar.  Honey that does not contain this mix at the top of the jar is more than likely imported altered honey that syrups or sugars have been added to make it look clean, or Pure (steam cleaned), not Raw.

Raw Honey is available in several sizes:

Gallons (128oz) at $100.00

1/2 Gallons @ $49.00

Quarts (32oz) at $28.00
Pints (14oz) at $16.00 
Honey Bears (12oz) at $12.00

5 oz carry ons @ $5.00

Shipping starts at$6.95 and depends on weight of items in the package, size of the package and destination  (zip). Orders are processed each day and mailed before 2 o'clock pm.
Bee Pollen   
Bee Pollen collected by the foraging lady Bees is loaded with B Vitamin complex (the energy vitamins) but also contains Vitamins C and E plus anti-oxidants and anti-histamines.  While Bees use it as their protein source, humans get a little more creative using it to treat allergies, boost energy levels, treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.  Bee Pollen is a powerful supplemental food source.  Be aware though that the Bee Pollen should be obtained from the area in which you live if you intend to use it to alleviate airborne allergy symptoms. Bee Pollen is sold in:
3 ounce bottles at $18.00, 
12 ounce bottles at $35.00, 
32 ounce bottles at $65.00
or we can customize the size of your order.  
Propolis is created by the Bees from sap or resinous materials found on buds and leafs of conifer, Mesquite and Cottonwood trees.The Bees then mix it with beeswax and other secretions to seal cracks, repair comb and smooth rough spots in the hive. Ancient cultures used Propolis to heal wounds and to treat for anything from the common cold and gum disease to high blood pressure and burns.  Propolis is known for its ability to build resistance to infections and toxins. Instead of chewing raw Propolis, as the ancients did, it is now available in
1 oz bottles of 20% tincture at $25.00
4 oz bottles of 20% tincture at $75.00
1 oz bottles of 50% extract at $25.00
or 4 oz bottles of 50% extract at $75.00.
 Royal Jelly 
Royal Jelly is pure energy produced by Nurse Bees to be fed exclusivly to the Queen Bee throughout her long life of three to five years.  During this time she will produce over 1 million eggs, nearly five times her body weight every day.  Royal Jelly  is produced by the young Nurse bees getting oil from the pharagenal glands on their foreheads and mixing it with Pollen, Propolis and Bee's Wax.  They chew the three substances mixing in the oil to produce this rich creamy substance that is in fact the basis of life in the hive, containing nearly every element needed to build and sustain life and enrich cell regeneration. Royal Jelly is rich in proteins, all B vitamins, C, E, Niacin, Biotin, Inositol, Amino acids, Pantothenic Acid.  Royal Jelly has not been duplicated in any laboratory because of its unique propietary properties.
Dehydrated 2 oz jars at $25.00
Liquid frozen 4 oz bottles at $35.00

Liquid frozen 8 oz bottles at $65.00 

Farm Fresh Eggs
Nearly 1,000 Chickens, Aracana, Americana, Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks give us from 20 to 30 dozen Eggs every day.  Our Hens are not caged but they roost in their hen houses every night...some opt to sleep way up in our Pecan trees.  We feed 500 to 1,000 pounds of vegetable trimmings each week, obtained from Las Vegas wholesalers (Paradise Produce) who provide finished products to the Hotel/Casino industry and rather than throwing the trimmings into a dumpster we provide nutritious fruits and Veggies to our Hens.  The Hens also roam around our five acres, through the greenhouses and into the Horse corrals seeking morsels of protein.
We have partnered with several farmers in the Armogosa and Pahrump Valleys to bring you a variety of fresh exotic Eggs.

Ostrich, Emu, Duck, Goose or Quail eggs

are seasonally available upon request and we can bring them to either the Tivoli or Eastern markets on Saturday or Sunday.
Unsulphured Ginger, derived from the Ginger Root, is diced, boiled, dried and then pure cane sugar is added to enhance the flavor.  Ginger has been used for centuries to fight off morning sickness, vertigo, stomach upset and many other maladies affecting the digestive and blood circulation systems. 
1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day is the recommended amount for 99% of folks using this amazing product.
Honey Stix
Clover Honey from the Pacific Northwest infused with Pure Food Grade flavorings.  Ameretto, Strawberry, Cinnamon and 32 other flavors ready to place in your child's lunchbox or in Grandma's tea in the afternoon.  We also have Habanaro, Pina Coloda, Sour Raspberry and other flavors all ready to ship at five stix for a dollar or 27 stix for $5.00  
Honey Comb
We bring in Honey Comb from the Pacific Northwest in 5 inch squares and in one pound jars.  This is Honey Comb exactly as the Bees produce it inside the Hive. By preventing the Queen from entering these special Supers, there is only Honey and wax in the tubsEating the Honey and chewing the wax is a pleasant experience every kid down on the farm enjoys. Honeycomb is seasonal as the Hive needs the Honey and the comb to establish a large viable colony. Once the Hive reaches 60,000 to 100,000 Bees, the comb can be taken out and they will produce more 5 inch square combs.
All our products:
BEE POLLEN, PROPOLOS, HONEY STIX, GINGER AND ROYAL JELLY can be purchased at the  farm  at  5731  South  Malibou  Ave. in Pahrump.   Look for the 15 foot American Flag painted on the front of the store. Please call first 775 513-4537 as we could be  working in the green houses where we can't see the gate.
Farmer's Markets with Don, Gage, Misty, Dan or Jamie.

Saturday:  Tivoli shopping center at the corner of 
Rampart drive and Alta from 8am to 2pm.
Sunday:  8am to 1PM in the parking lot at the Sansome shopping center on Eastern Ave 2 blocks south of the  215 hgy. Look for all the white tents in the parking lot.
Monday:  On  west Charleston Blvd in front of the Elk's Lodge from noon to 4pm

Sunday:  Craig Ranch Park on West Craig Road in North Las Vegas 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Weekends at the Fantastic indoor Market on Decatur Blvd. Tyler is there to help you with any questions.

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